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Spelling Innovation

An inspirational way to learn your spellings

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We all LOVED this one. So clever!

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Great animation, Ellie!


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This one shows the two meanings in a very clever and creative way.

Phoebe was inspired by our space topic for this one.

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Picture 1 Now clean up your spellings, Emma!
Picture 1 Can you add up Bea's score?
Picture 2 Pasta-perfect.
Picture 3 What Minecraft is really for.
Picture 4 The icing is ready.
Picture 5 A new line in Lego.
Picture 6 Growing spellings...
Picture 7 ... from cress.
Picture 8 Sorry about the mirror.
Picture 9 Another innovative way.
Picture 10 It even looks colossal.
Picture 11 Creative!
Picture 12 Emma's spellings got run over!
Picture 13 Delicious spellings.
Picture 1 Spellings practised and digested.
Picture 1 The pyramid method.
Picture 2 Who used all the talcum powder?
Picture 1 Emilia became the first pupil to be able to say...
Picture 2 ...(truthfully)... MY MUM ATE MY HOMEWORK!